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If you’ve undergone orthopedic surgery, but your symptoms persist, consider revision surgery. At his practice, Jon Gottlieb, MD, orthopedic spine surgeon Jonathan Gottlieb, MD, applies his years of experience doing revision surgery on people of all ages. To schedule a revision surgery consultation at the practice in Miami, Florida, call the office, or use the online booking tool today.

Revision Surgery Q & A

What is revision surgery?

Revision surgery is a neurological procedure that corrects mistakes made during a previous surgery. It’s often used to treat failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). FBSS is a complex condition characterized by chronic back and leg pain that shows up following spine surgery.

Revision surgery pinpoints the underlying source of your pain and corrects it.

Who can benefit from revision surgery?

Dr. Gottlieb uses revision surgery to treat the complications of failed back surgery syndrome. Telltale indications of FBSS include:

  • Long-term pain after surgery
  • Burning, tingling, or prickling sensations in the legs and feet
  • Muscle spasms
  • Severe weakness
  • Balance difficulties

As the condition gets worse, you might also find it difficult to walk, climb stairs, or perform other routine tasks.

To determine if you qualify for revision surgery, Dr. Gottlieb does a physical exam and asks you about your symptoms, including how severe they are, when they started, and if activities like exercise make them worse. He orders X-rays, a CT scan, or an MRI to get a look at the tissues of your musculoskeletal system.

Dr. Gottlieb will usually first recommend conservative measures, like physical therapy, rest, and an ice pack. If your symptoms continue and interfere with your quality of life, you’ll likely qualify for revision surgery.

What does revision surgery involve?

No two revision surgeries are exactly alike. Dr. Gottlieb designs a surgical plan based on your age, medical history, symptoms, and needs.

Whenever possible, Dr. Gottlieb does revision surgery using minimally invasive techniques. Minimally invasive back surgery uses specialized tools and small incisions to reduce the risk of complications. It allows for quicker surgeries, less noticeable scars, a much shorter recovery period, and long-lasting results.

Is revision surgery always necessary?

Revision surgery isn’t always necessary. If you’ve been told you need revision surgery, request a consultation with Dr. Gottlieb. He can review your medical history and provide a second opinion. He even provides a convenient, user-friendly online portal where you can upload the results of previous X-rays and diagnostic scans.

What can I expect while recovering from revision surgery?

Following revision surgery, you stay in the hospital 2-3 nights. Carefully follow Dr. Gottlieb’s instructions. Go to each of your follow-up appointments, take your medication as prescribed, and commit to physical therapy. The more closely you stick to your treatment plan, the sooner you can return to your daily life.

To learn more about revision surgery, make an appointment at the practice, Jon Gottlieb, MD, by calling the office or booking online today.