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Out-Of-State Patients


We understand selecting a physician is an important decision and sometimes deciding the best one for you is not always at a location easily accessible to you. Dr Gottlieb does his best to make himself available for these patients, by offering a complimentary review of their imaging over a phone conference. This way the patient will know if the travel to Florida or to the United States is beneficial to them.

For these traveling patients, please upload your diagnostic images in the link below and follow the instructions. Once completed, call our office to advise us as we are not alerted when new imaging is available. On the call be sure to describe any symptoms you are experiencing and if it was related to an injury to our clinical specialist. Dr. Gottlieb will review the imaging and our office will return your call to discuss the next steps. 

You may also mail diagnostic imaging to our office, with your contact information and a written request for the review. 

Please note, we DO NOT receive Diagnostic Images via email. Please do not send them via email as they are not properly downloaded and WILL NOT be reviewed. 

Please call our office for more information.  

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